Thousands Strike In Spain To Demand Equal Pay, End To Gender Discrimination

Thousands of workers in Spain are participating in a “feminist strike” on Friday, demanding an end to gender-based violence, discrimination and wage inequity.

The strike falls on March 8, observed around the world as International Women’s Day, and follows the huge success of a similar walkout last year, joined by over 5 million workers.

Several groups, including the March 8 Commission ― a network of feminist groups ― and two main labor unions, helped organize and promote the strike, along with some 500 street demonstrations around the country.

The March 8 Commission drafted a 29-page document ahead of the strike, describing an ultimate goal of “subverting the world order and the pervading hetero-patriarchal, racist and neoliberal rhetoric,” according to El Pais.

The group also called for an end to the perpetuation of “stereotypes about toxic-romantic love,” and suggested that judges, police officers and social workers be required to receive “feminist training.”

Scroll down to see photos of the demonstrations across Spain.

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